Reporting Services

Administrative Data Management

Reporting Solutions Design and develop enterprise reporting solutions to support the university’s mission for operational and decision making needs.

Data Modeling:  Develop data models to capture NMSU business rules in the university’s data warehouse. These rich datasets are consumed by end users through a variety of tools such as the Cognos Suite (Report Studio, Query Studio, and Analysis Studio) or through central applications and processes.

Enterprise Reporting Services

Enterprise Reporting Services provides administration, installation, maintenance, technical support and development for IBM Cognos, Banner ODS (Operational Data Store), Banner ePrintBanner Workflow,Evisions IntellecheckEvisions FormFusion, Evisions MAPS server, Parchment Transcripts, PeopleAdmin Data Mart, Ad Astra Schedule and Platinum Analytics, Athletics Study Hall, and TestScore Billing. Enterprise Reporting Services is responsible for the architecture of the Business Intelligence (BI) environment which includes its design, performance, availability and success.